Craig Gannon was born in Manchester, England in 1966. He began playing guitar at the age of 11 and shortly after leaving school at 16 joined the Scottish band Aztec Camera. This led to him being asked to join and work with many other influential bands and artists over the next three decades. Craig was later asked to join The Smiths as a full time member in 1986 at the height of their popularity (he is known as the fifth Smith). Other artists and bands he has played/recorded or worked with include The Colourfield, Alison Moyet, Morrissey (Solo), Roddy Frame (Solo), Terry Hall, Buzzcocks FOC, The Bluebells, Edwyn Collins & Paul Quinn, The Blue Orchids, Robert Lloyd, The Adult Net, The Family Foundation, Red Venom, Deadly Avenger, Black Grape, Craig Leon and Cassell Webb, Denise Van Outen, Honey Couture, Sophisticated Savage, Marc Carroll, Craig Davies, Vinny Peculiar and more.

Although largely self taught as a composer, after a period at music college Craig then studied with private tutors for composition, arranging, orchestration, harmony, conducting and piano. Having written for every genre of film over the years, Craig is extremely experienced in writing all styles of music. He has written extensively for everything from film, drama, documentary, commercials, corporate films, nature films, children’s programmes, library music, songs etc. He was also the co writer for Terry Hall’s two critically acclaimed albums ‘Home’ and ‘Laugh’ in addition to various singles. He is also an accomplished songwriter and has also scored the brass and strings for some of the artists he’s played with.